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The end of Le Tour de la Costa del Iberia, but the start of the real adventure! I absolutely loved getting to know everyone on the trip, but two weeks of group travel, for me personally, is a good amount of time. I feel ready to jump into solo Europe travel, but first. THE WEDDING!!! […]

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No day shall erase you from the memory of time.

My respect

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September 11 2001 changed everyone’s world regardless of where you lived. I remember waking up that morning without knowing what had happened. When I got to work there was hushed silence and people crying. I thought one of my colleagues must have died.

“Haven’t you seen the news?” they all said in unison to my question of “what’s happened?”

Their explanation, without the TV footage was grim enough but after watching it again and again and again (as many of us did) the enormity of it left me speechless.

While we empathised with those who had been killed and the loss their families suffered we all felt that the world had become a sadder more dangerous place.

This week I went to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York. A dreary dark rainy day made indoor activities necessary. I think all the tourists in New York made the same decision…

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Fotografia: Amigos sempre visitam (Friends always visit) — ChronosFeR2

Fotos: Chronosfer. Janelas são portas para a vida. através delas, o tempo se contrai e se abre em segundos. E do silêncio e da ausência, nascem pássaros e muitos voos e cantares. Os amigos sempre visitam. Às vezes, demoram. Um dia, estão cantando felizes em nossa janelas. As que são portas para a vida. Windows […]

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Hong Kong & Vietnam – Impressions

My father, mother, and I returned from Vietnam in late November. We stopped in Hong Kong, where we stayed together two years prior, again taking advantage of the free stopover on one-way awards with Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan, and their partner, Cathay Pacific (50k miles for a one-way business class award). We had not been […]

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Google Lens now describes landmarks and creates contacts from business cards

(Source: Google Lens is a handy little tool. Announced at Google I/O 2017, Lens is essentially a visual search engine. Take a picture with your phone, and Google will do some clever analysis and provide insights into what you’re looking at. Now, it’s getting even better, and can store information from business cards as […]

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Perth Day Three

Planes, Plates and Persuasions

Sorry that this entry is coming after the fact but between the Wine Tour that we did today and travelling back home, this is the first chance I’ve had to write and upload.

1Today, Friday the 5th of January as I write, is my birthday and not only is it my birthday, but it’s a milestone birthday too so I knew hubby was not going to say anything when I wanted to get up extra early to exercise.

The gym at this hotel is quite good and if you go early enough, there’s no one in there so I get the whole place to myself!
Perfect way to start a birthday!

We took our picture before heading out! (left)

The Wine Tour we were booked on started from Elizabeth Quay so we walked down there from our hotel and had a coffee at the Riverside Cafe. No champagne this morning…

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